HJH shipmanagement


The establishment of the shipping company and the acquisition of the technical management of the Mibau-Stema fleet took place on 14.11.2006.

Entrepreneur Hans-Jürgen Hartmann, whose fleet was earlier managed by a different company, put a team of experienced and young people together which forms now the HJH Shipmanagement. He gave the HJH Shipmanagement the responsibility to manage his ships fleet. With this step he does not only achieves a better cost control in addition he shorted the communication ways between the technical management and the shipping companies. So the communication between owners, charterers and technical management takes the shortest route. Quick decisions and new strategies can be made immediately now.

During the establishment of the shipping company the fleet consists of 4 vessels with a combined capacity of 81.000mt. After the sale of the oldest and smallest member of the fleet the MS STEINES in 2010 the following Sietas new buildings MS BULKNES, MS BELTNES and MS FITNES increased the fleet to six units. With these ships the loading capacity rises by more than 100% to 172.000mt. All six ships are chartered by "Split Chartering" over a long term period.


shipmanagement GmbH+Co. KG

Finkenhörne 4
D-21781 Cadenberge

Tel. +49 (0) 4777 9339-9
fax +49 (0) 4777 9339-77
email info@hjh-shipping.com


+49 4777 9339-9

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